Areas of Practice


Criminal Defense is my passion.

AREAS OF PRACTICE: These are examples of the types of cases The Law Offices of Lee McMillian have successfully handled. 

Criminal Defense

If you or someone you care about is facing prosecution for a crime, freedom, possibly even life, is at stake.  This is no time for half measures, or anything except aggressive legal representation. You need a lawyer that takes your situation and background into account.  At the Law Offices of Lee McMillian, we have provided the kind of criminal defense representation you need since 1988.  Don’t take a chance on anything less.

Capital Crimes: Murder, Manslaughter, Vehicular Homicide, Negligent Homicide

Controlled Substances:  Possession, Trafficking, Distribution, Transportation, Manufacturing, Controlled Substance Analogs and Paraphernalia.

Driving While Intoxicated, Flying While Intoxicated, Boating while Intoxicated, Under the Influence or While Impaired.

White Collar Crime: Embezzlement, Fraud, Tax Evasion, Motor Fuels Tax Evasion, Theft, Money Laundering,

Internet Crimes

Crimes Against the Person:  Assaultive Offenses, Kidnapping, deadly conduct, etc.

Weapons Offenses: Use, Display, Possession, Manufacturing, Trafficking

Administrative and Records-Keeping Offenses for Federal Firearms Licensees

And much more…


Defensive Use of Force – Representation from the Beginning.  Don’t put your freedom at risk.  Hire experience.  Hire the Law Offices of Lee McMillian.

Your Permit to Carry


If your business is under attack, and your livelihood is at risk of being destroyed, then you should hire a lawyer who flies, skydives, and holds a rigger certificate.  You need a lawyer that understands the issues better than the experts the other side hires.   Hire a firm who is also an experienced pilot, skydiver, and rigger to avoid paying a law  firm to learn about your business, your passion and your lifestyle.

Tort Defense for Commercial Skydiving Operations, Aircraft Owners, Pilots, Parachute Equipment Manufacturers, Riggers, Instructors and Organizers.

Injuries, fatalities, and accidents


Aircraft Leases and Sales Contracts

Drop Zone Purchases and Sales


Formation and set up, maintenance, merger and acquisition, winding down

Risk Management for Small Business


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